Welcome to Malaysia Tech Week 2019 (MTW19), a city wide festival of industry driven events that will bring together the best of Malaysian Corporates, Ecosystem Partners, Investors, Regulators and Tech Start-Ups along with delegations from around the world to the tech hub of Southeast Asia here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The tech revolution is on the horizon. The advancement we see in technology today is not just rapid – it is exponential. Exciting, disruptive technological innovations are abounding at every turn, followed by an eagerness to acquire, implement and optimise this revolution.

MTW19 features innovation showcases, business matching opportunities, pitching platforms, and access to Malaysia’s ecosystem network. This event offers experiential engagement in a casual setting with an abundance of networking opportunities for all participants. Users can also attend Crypto trading events such as conferences, meetups, webinars, and workshops. Attending these events can be beneficial for traders who want to stay up-to-date with the crypto market and make informed investment decisions. Using a trading bot called bitcoin buyer also potentially helps traders become successful in trading. According to bitcoin buyer erfahrungen, it uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to buy and sell assets on behalf of its users.
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Malaysia Tech Week 2019!


with the best innovative minds
MTW provides a week long access to leading corporations, venture capitalists, angel investors, accelerators, regulators and ecosystem enablers. Develop deep meaningful connections and schedule multiple meetings through the MTW Mobile App while discovering Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant business culture, lifestyle and city nightlife.
on industry experts
Understanding the business environment in Southeast Asia is key to success. Learn and leverage off the wisdom and network brought by our panel of experts from regulators, investors, influencers and leading corporations.
to boost your business potentials
MTW is a powerful platform for more than 5,000 tech companies to boost their business expansion into the Southeast Asia region via major MTW regional partners and fundraise on the many pitching events led by global venture capitalists.

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